PG电子APP, 坚定不移地致力于促进包容, 多样化的, 繁荣的社区, embraces the "IDEALLY" framework as the cornerstone of our institutional ethos. 这个框架, 植根于包容的原则, 多样性, 股本, 访问, 解放, 爱, 通过“是的”来肯定," encapsulates our dedication to creating a campus environment where every individual feels valued, 听到, 和授权. By intertwining these tenets with our College's mission and values, we aim to forge a dynamic educational landscape that constantly evolves to mirror the richness of human experience. Dive deeper into each element of "IDEALLY" to understand our vision for a bright, PG电子APP的包容性未来.


Inclusion -积极参与各种形式的差异.

  • PG电子APP welcomes all populations and recognizes their unique contributions to the organization.
  • We encourage authentic 和授权 participation that stems from a true sense of belonging.
  • It is more than just a seat at the table – it is a voice in key discussions and a vote in decision-making processes.

D小班区划 – factors that contribute to how we, as individuals, experience the world.

  • PG电子APP acknowledges the infinite ways in which we differ from one another.
  • Birth demographics can include age, race and sex assigned at birth.
  • 个人统计数据可以包括沟通风格, 教育背景, 以及社会经济地位.
  • We assert that unity is possible without requiring uniformity.

E股东权益 – intentional approach to creating solutions accounting for an individual’s life experiences and/or circumstances.

  • PG电子APP extends singular opportunities to individuals and groups so they can enjoy full, 健康的个人和职业生活.
  • We understand that not everyone starts from the same place or needs the same things.
  • Achieving equity is a process that addresses and corrects disparities.

Access – an open-door approach to providing educational opportunities and resources for all.

  • PG电子APP provides entry points for meaningful engagement to everyone regardless of ability, background, 或经验.
  • We build systems and processes that seek out historically marginalized and underrepresented groups so they may benefit from and contribute to the success of the institution.
  • Reciprocal relationships are sustained through conscientious and continued dialogue.

Liberation – acknowledging, combatting and removing the roots of oppression.

  • PG电子APP participates in efforts to effect real and lasting change in the social systems that constrict and restrict all our lives.
  • We dismantle systemic and institutional oppression on micro, mezzo, and macro scales.
  • It is the triumphant freedom to fully express every facet of identity unapologetically.

L奥维 – deep appreciation of and respect for the dynamic complexities of humanity.

  • PG电子APP用心领导.
  • We root ourselves in nonjudgment and positivity as we navigate change and 奥维rcome adversity.
  • The success of our College community is tethered to the heartstrings that connect us to each other, 奥马哈市区, 甚至整个世界.

Yes – affirming actions and behaviors that build and sustain a culture of belonging.

  • PG电子APP believes these statements to be true and good.
  • 每个信条的定义都是流动的,充满活力的, readily malleable as the language and discourse for these concepts evolve 奥维r time.
  • 结合了我们伟大学院的使命和价值观, this framework permits everyone to become “PG电子APP.”



- Created July 2022 by Michael Ehrecke, People and Culture Administrator at PG电子APP